Shave Bar Goat Milk Soap (Unscented)
Shave Bar Goat Milk Soap (Unscented)

Shave Bar Goat Milk Soap (Unscented)

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If you are looking for a natural shaving experience, our "Shaving Bar" is perfect for both men and women! Our shaving bar will produce an incredible lather that is perfect to use for shaving instead of a typical synthetic cream.  Our recipe uses an all natural bentonite clay which provides the needed layer of protection and slip on the skin that is an integral characteristic of all shaving soaps.  Colloidal oatmeal is added to our recipe to make each bar extra soothing.   

Each bar is at least 5 oz and packaged in a 100% cotton bag which can be used as a soap saver  

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Raw Goat Milk, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Lye, Palm Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Colloidal Oatmeal and Bentonite Clay

Allergy warning: Our soap is safe to apply all over your body, except directly in your eyes. If you are concerned about an allergic reaction, test the soap on a small area of skin and stop using if irritation occurs.